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Why Seasonal Allergies Cause 'Brain Fog' - Here's What the Science Says

19 Apr 2018 | 21,615 Views

Many allergy sufferers complain of feeling foggy-headed and having difficulty thinking during allergy season. It's not all in your head; from disrupting sleep to triggering bodywide inflammation, allergies have a very real effect on cognitive function and your brain.

Spring Fever - How to Treat Allergies

28 Mar 2018 | 37,118 Views

Spring allergies affect nearly 50 million people each year. You may reduce or eliminate your symptoms using natural remedies without the negative side effects of over-the-counter decongestants and antihistamines.

Can Adults Develop Food Allergies?

28 Oct 2017 | 30,351 Views

If you suddenly develop an allergic reaction to food you've eaten all your life, you aren't alone. Recent research shows more adults are developing food allergies each year, and scientists are not sure why. I'll give you strategies to help protect your health, reduce the potential of a food allergy and what to do if you suddenly have an allergic reaction.

Sugar During Pregnancy Linked to Allergies

19 Jul 2017 | 35,109 Views

Sugar has a profound effect on your health and the health of your unborn child. Recent research discovered eating sugar during pregnancy increases your child's risk of asthma and allergies. I'll give you strategies to reduce your sugar intake and curb sweet cravings.

One-Third of Your Pillow Weight May Be Dust Mites and Bug Droppings

12 Apr 2017 | 62,936 Views

Quality sleep is important to your overall health. However, breathing in toxic fumes, increasing your risk of allergic reactions and waking with a stiff neck or back is not part of a good night of sleep. I’ll give you strategies to avoid all three.

Is Histamine to Blame for Your Headache, Hives and Heartburn?

25 Jan 2017 | 102,484 Views

Hives, nasal congestion and headaches are often attributed to allergies, but a wide array of these and even more serious symptoms may indicate something else might be going on, especially when there’s no allergen to blame it on. Scientists say histamine intolerance, often caused by a compromised gut flora, can be the culprit. How do you know if what you’re suffering from is an allergy or histamine intolerance?

5 Tactics for Surviving the Spring Allergy Season

11 Apr 2016 | 70,768 Views

You don't have to suffer in silence this spring allergy season. These tips can help to relieve your symptoms naturally and even boost your immune system health to help lessen your allergic response.

Study: Raw Milk Can Reduce Asthma and Allergies

09 Feb 2016 | 71,042 Views

A recent study adds to the growing evidence that children who drink raw milk benefit in the form of a reduced risk of respiratory infection, asthma, allergies and even inflammation. As demand for raw milk grows, the dairy industry is fighting back.

Allergies, Colds, and Food Intolerance

03 Feb 2016 | 57,905 Views

The symptoms of colds and allergies can be confusing. Do you know how to tell the difference? Plus, find out whether your food-related symptoms could be caused by an allergy or intolerance.

Tips for Surviving Spring Allergy Season

20 Apr 2015 | 91,117 Views

Every time spring rolls around, it's like a hook wraps itself around your neck, pulls you in, and pushes sneezes, a runny nose, sore throat, a hacking cough, and itchy eyes down your throat. Don't become its victim again - dodge that hook this year by doing this...