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Link Found Between Food Allergies and Farm Antibiotics

17 Sep 2014 | 231,748 Views

These foods contain substances that switch off your body's inner army of allergy fighters, but they can be easily avoided. Here's how to avoid becoming a part of this steep trend which has soared over the past 14 years.

Certain Gut Bacteria Protect Against Food Allergies

10 Sep 2014 | 205,696 Views

You can't even see it, but it helps prevent sensitization to food allergens. Discover the five foods you need to steer clear of in order to help it out. Plus: the one thing you should only give to your child as a last resort - it increases their risk of eczema by 40 percent...

Peanut Allergy Treatment 'a Success'

15 Feb 2014 | 49,309 Views

It may be possible to desensitize your body to food allergies and become essentially reaction-free in a matter of months.

Probiotics Linked to Reduced Risk of Allergies, Psoriasis, Colitis, Periodontal Disease and More

02 Sep 2013 | 507,568 Views

If you do, you can probably sidestep taking it in supplement form - it's that powerful. Helps prevent health problems for kids of all ages. So simple and effective, you'd be crazy not to do it.

I'm Not Nuts: Living With Food Allergies Documentary

18 May 2013 | 219,670 Views

A rarity just 40 or 50 years ago, today foods like these cause 2.5 times as many deaths as a bee sting - and are linked to a battery of symptoms including wheezing, diarrhea, trouble breathing, nasal congestion, dizziness and much more. Difficult to detect - be careful...

How to Address Allergies and Asthma Symptoms as “Worst Allergy Season Ever” Begins

18 Apr 2013 | 308,341 Views

Or you could be a victim to what experts are referring to as one of the worst allergy seasons in a long time. Find out what to stop eating, your primary defense, two things you can do for short-term relief, and the foods that can help alleviate your symptoms...

How Diet and Supplements Can Help Prevent Migraines

24 Dec 2012 | 280,440 Views

When an average of 10 of these migraine-inducing foods were avoided, there was a dramatic fall in the number of headaches per month - and 85% of patients became headache-free. Plus: the supplement you should try (with a 50% success rate) if you get migraines...

Floors that Make You and Your Children Sick

26 Sep 2012 | 242,754 Views

It's a type of flooring that many people love, but now serious health risks are revealed. Infants sleeping in a room with it were twice as likely to have autism... Also linked to breast cancer, uterine fibroids, chronic allergies, disrupted hormones, asthma and more. This is one type of floor you may want to avoid...

They Outnumber Your Cells Ten to One but Researchers Show they Play Crucial Role in Your Health

02 Apr 2012 | 66,737 Views

Out of the 100 trillion cells in your body, only one in 10 is human. The rest belong to this other category -- and have an incredibly profound impact on your overall health.

The Hidden Perpetrator of Sinus Infections - Found in 96% of Mayo Study Participants

12 Mar 2012 | 752,835 Views

Discovered in 1999 by the Mayo Clinic, but still largely unknown even by doctors... Avoid this "stimulus" to greatly reduce your sinus infection odds, because antibiotics are almost always ineffective. Plus discover natural fixes, including the 2 foods that can burn congestion away.


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